Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Halloween Rundown.

Ok, so I guess I went a little crazy, this halloween...

Party at the warehouse, which was amazing. These great DJs were spinning all kinds of mad stuff, I only remember hearing one song, and realizing partway in that they are mixing Metric... soooo cool.

Amanda and I went underwear shopping in the afternoon, then went back to Jim and AJ's to do some getting ready and pre-drinking, which went quite well. I think Raynna or Amanda has some sort of photo evidence of the 'before' situation so that you can see costumes - if I can get ahold of pics, I'll post them.

After that, we went downtown to Michaels, where we met up with the rest of the crew, and got ready some more, and drank some more at his place, until we all headed off to the Warehouse, to stand in line for like, 45 mins >.< Whaddaya do... its like that all the time - at least they didn't have to bust out a heatlamp to prevent people from getting hypothermia...

So we get inside, meet up with people, start drinking, its awesome :) Eventually Raynna finds me with some specific substances, and Cam finds me later that night (speaking of which, I still owe you for that and the cab) and so I then proceed to get absolutely fucked up. I don't remember anything real specific about the rest of the night, I think I was running all over the place like a crazy person, at some point I found a girl and we were dancing for most of the time, and apparently making out, so I'm told...

Eventually people are deciding to leave, and they manage to herd me outside somehow hehe.

Now for the next couple paragraphs, this could just be wild conjecture, because frankly, I don't remember anything for about the next hour or two...

I'm told that we went back to Michaels again, woke him up at like, 3 in the morning, were hanging out at his place for a while, and I was nuttier than a fruitcake... Something about molesting his furniture and pillows... and then washed off my makeup and wound up sitting in the middle of his floor in some strange position... I really don't know.

Somehow they eventually got me and Cam and Sabrina in a cab and we went back to his place where we met up with Cait and Rene, and apparently Cait gave me 2 and a half more pills between then and 9:30, and we basically sat up talking and cuddling all night. Then they dropped me off at home, and I managed to get some sleep between like, 10:30 and 5 ish, then woke up and started trying to contact people to find out what was going on in the times that I can't recall heh.

Anyway, one HELL of a party, that was the best time I don't completely remember in a long time :)

Friday, September 08, 2006


Lets hear it for skateboards stopping suddenly, causing me to smash my head and other appendages into the middle of the road at high speed.

Really, its an underappreciated pastime... If more people knew about this wild and wacky way to completely ruin your evening, I really think more people would be doing it. Spread the word. If you're like most people, you probably have too much blood inside you anyway.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What the fuck is it about Lost in Translation.

I sit online.

I finish a couple bottles of quite nice wine.

I talk to my best friend on MSN.

I decide at 2 in the morning that its a good idea to put in Lost in Translation.

This is almost never a good idea. I don't know if its a kind of quiet desperation that overtakes me with watching this movie, but it makes me think about how sad and pathetic I am.

I mean, the whole premise is that they're both sad and pathetic and meeting up in a foreign country, presumably so that they both don't kill themselves, as the real tangible sexual tension is next to nothing. However...

There is an unbelievable connection.

I've rambled about this movie before... its so beautiful, and not only because i have a crazy crush on scarlett johansenn. She is amazing, but she doeesn't make the movie, and i realize this now.

The whole movie, the whole concept is incredible and I can't believe that it was made. Furthermore, i can't believe that I sit, drink entire bottles of wine, and watch this movie just to make myself more depressed. I guess this movie in conjunction with the Aristocrats would be the entire hollywood experience of Darryl. If you like both of these movies, you're in.

Monday, August 21, 2006

oh, there ain't no love no, montagues and capulets. we're just banging tunes 'n DJ sets

I like wine.

I like wine a lot.

I don't know why i stopped drinking it for so long, but its making a comeback.

Beer can go get bent for a while.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Its a new post!

Hah, made you look.

Ok, well, seriously. I think everyone gave up on this blogging thing ages ago, and I would like to take personal credit, due to my fabulous, magical, fuck you all, i'm irrationally pissed off and very drunk post. As Martin the paranoid android would say, Life... don't talk to me about life.
Bla bla bla, work sucks, its like a void in my life, and i don't do a whole lot outside of that void. Had a bottle of wine tonight, and i have that nice happy depression on the edges buzz that reminds me why i love wine so much. I'm really looking forward to the return to school this year. Its like my bi-annual life change. I look forward to the end of school, then I look forward to going back to it to get away from fucking working every day. I think all summer while I'm working full time how much i wish i could be doing something more productive, then i go back to school, to do the productive stuff, and spend a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing....
Maybe i can pull my head out of my ass this year and let some panic about debt and school requirements fuel a permanent change for the better in my life.

You know, its kinda nice having a nice private blog to post in now that noone thinks i post here anymore ;D

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Holy shatmonkeys

Moving is a lot of work....

I'm almost done packing, tomorrow will be the big push day to get shit packed and loaded, then we move it all monday, then get loaded myself ;)

The reason I'm actually posting is because I probably won't have net access for a few days, so just thought I'd make mention. Also, if anyone is interested in helping move, and then drinking beer, gimme a call, we can make arrangements.

Housewarming/pool party to be announced. Expect it in the first week we're moved in, before I come back to work full time.

edit: Yea i shouldn't leave my address and all that up indefinitely, you all know how to get ahold of me. The housewarming will actually be next week. I'll let you all know at work.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hell days - 1 of 2 down

Two tests out of the way, one more to go, and Juries in the afternoon.

So get this. There was a take home portion of the orchestration test that i didn't know about since I was at a doctor appt on the last day of class. So I found out about this 8 bar excerpt I was meant to have arranged for full orchestra by that class, when i walked in. And so I slightly shat my pants. Luckily, he let me write it during the final... luckily... hmm... So basically I had 2.5 hours to write the entire regular test, which is no mean feat, and I'm sure I did terrible on it, and Then I had to arrange this whole excerpt, by hand. What a gong show... god I hope I passed that class. So all of today has been doing that, and then studying like mad for the history test which is at 8 am tomorrow... thats right, 0800 hours. Whoever arranged that can suck my balls. That is going to be one hell of a long 2 hours.

Finally after all that junk, I get to do what I'm really in school for, which is to play my instrument. I get to perform in an extremely high pressure situation for my final mark relating to performance for this year.... and then go home. And then go out to Sals and get drunk. And oh such drunkenness there will be.

Today and tomorrow are my demons, and by 2 o clock, I may actually fly to pieces as all the pressure is lifted off me, and there is nothing to actually hold me together. A lot of people have said, and I find this more and more true that the end of second year is a time to just get over with. This last semester has felt like running a fucking gauntlet, and now I can see the end... please don't let me falter before I escape...