Saturday, October 22, 2005

You may now rejoice.

I'm back from the dead to make another post.

Life's been going along la de da. I'm doing a lot of work on music stuff and feeling almost satisfied with the amount of practice i'm managing to get in. Jazz concert coming up on Dec. 7 for anyone who's interested. It'll be at the university in the University Theater, ticks should be around 10 or 8 bucks, roughly. It should be a cool show... we're playing some funky charts in jazz band.

School is a bit different this year... maybe its just me and my schedule being separated from everyone else's but i feel a little apart from everyone... Last year there was a good deal of closeness between a lot of us, and this year it feels more businesslike... we all know what we're here for and we know what we need to do, so lets just get it done and be friends later. I dunno, maybe thats a bad explanation. Not entirely inaccurate though... I think a good chunk of it also has to do with the fact that i'm practically the only second year who didn't get into Wind Ensemble... it still stings, but whatever. I've complained about that particular little screw up enough this year. I need to move on.

I don't really think much has changed with Sabrina, and i still feel like i haven't had any sort of chance to just talk to her one on one... maybe i need to find a way to create that opportunity rather than waiting for it. We'll have to wait till next thursday to find out how that goes...

Meh can't think of anything else pressing thats on my mind, so ciao till next time, cats.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Just a quickie

They took away our access to the internet at work because some freakin doofus was caught on the net while they had a mildly pornographic gif in their blog...

Annnyway, what this means is probably less posts here, because i will have to come up with other things to do to waste the hours at work :(

I'll still be posting, but i just need to be able to do it from home, which limits my time a tad...*shrug*

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Drive by body pierce...

So yea... still got nothing. Work is becoming more tolerable again, for some reason. Having saturdays off makes the biggest difference. Went to a swingin jazz show yesterday then watched anchorman with the other sax players and then went out for dinner. Was good times and such.

Maybe its just the way she is, but i think part of the reason i feel at such a loss with Sabrina is because she has so little response to me. She has yet to seek me out at all to talk to me or whatever, and its not like she's rude to me or anything like that, but she just doesn't have the sort of response that makes me think she would want to talk to me more, or hang out with me or whatever. Maybe thats just why i have this problem talking to her because you expect more of a response from someone if they were remotely interested in you. Not that she's unfriendly but she just doesn't seem to give back any sort of attention to imply interest. You know, i think thats it... i just need to get over it and find someone else. I can just work at being friends with her instead or something.

Anyway, i'll try to stop being a whiney bitch about that now. Noone comes here to read about me being all emo all the damn time... whats that? thats the point of a blog? >.< blargh. Whatever.

Other than that, John and I are thinking about moving out because Janene is a dumb bitch. Does stupid stuff and really doesn't act at all like a friend any more. So we're looking at other apartments and i'm thinking we might be gone by xmas if things keep going like this. 425 a month is steep anyway, and i don't mean Steeped ;P Especially with bills are on top of that...
We'll see. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ok i'm done for now.