Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tasteless? I think not!

I finally read through Toothpaste for Dinner like Raynna has been bugging me to for a while, and i came across this absolute gem. I mean, the rest are funny, but i find this one especially amusing. I think i sat looking at it for like 2 or 3 minutes, just giggling uncontrollably.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

You can't ignore my techno.

Thats right. I went there.

Time to ramble again... what can i complain about in my life this week... hmm... hah.

I'm getting a cold i think... emo emo emo...

Actually Kristy's post sorta made me think about the people in my life as well. There are a lot of people that i feel are super important in my life, and I don't feel like i give back all that i should, or all that they deserve sometimes. I wish I was good at talking so that i could let people know how much they mean to me without it sounding completely strange. Being a quiet person in groups isn't always a good position, from what i can tell, because then when i do start talking, it feels like people think its strange. I'm probably wrong, but it just seems that way, looking out of my skull. All the people from school have been great through all this stress in my life, all of the people from work, i love you guys more than any group of friends i've had, even though I only see you like once or twice a week now, it makes it that i don't regret working for the demon-company and listening to retards on the phone, because i get to hang out with you all during it all. Hell, not to sound like a complete nerd, but even the guild of people that i play WoW with are awesome for the tight family atmosphere we have, and all the joking around. Its nice to play and joke around with mature people, like older married couples rather than cussing, bitchy teenagers, no offense Cam... hehe ;P

Anyway, I apologize for that fluffy detour, I'll be sure to squeeze more whining and angst into my next post.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Back home safe and sound.

And now I have a week off for reading week, so if anyone's doing something and want me to come out, I'm sure I'll be available ;)

Gimme a call or whatever, I just want to make sure I don't spend too much time in the house.

Friday, February 17, 2006


You guys are great. Its nice to get some response to my whiney stuff, but almost disconcerting that i'm exposed to public scrutiny now ;p

Just checking in from the road to jot down my current rant, mainly relating to people composing modern saxophone music.

I listened to one piece this morning called "The Orb of the Sun." It looked like a nice title, i had never heard the piece before, and from all i could possibly tell beforehand, it would be a cool piece. However, the only possible relationship it had to The Sun was making me want to burn my eyes out staring at the sun. For two minutes, i got to sit and listen to some of the most awful sounds i had ever heard coming from a tenor saxophone.

And i mean, i'm a music student. I can completely understand music meant to shock people as its primary value, i can understand using certain extended techniques, and capabilities of the instrument to do all sorts of things to get the concept of a piece across...


For gods sake, rambling, pointless, awful sounding, screeching, "artistic" crap like that has been done to death. Since it hasn't been around for as long as some other instruments, the saxophone has more 'modern' repertoire than any other instrument, but that doesn't have to mean that any new piece written for such a flexible instrument has to sound like the composer has a personal vendetta against musicians and audience members.

This was the worst particular example of some of the shit i've heard over the last couple days.. the other music thats made the most enraged is by this one particular composer. I heard a concerto by him last night for Sax and Orchestra, and then a piece this morning for Sax and Piano, and they could have been played back to back and people would have thought they were part of the same work. They rambled, there was no melodic line or structure, there were screaming high notes 4 bars in with no particular emphasis or meaning, or significance. The entire piece was running scale lines up, and some running scale lines down... then back up.... then up some more... then down... then the piano played some stuff that was essentially the player banging his arms on as many keys as possible.

It all made me feel really sorry for the people who spent the time learning the piece, sorry for the people who published it, and more than anything, sorry for the poor schmucks, myself included, who had to sit and listen through a bloody rendition of it. For god sakes, would composers stop writing angry music for the saxophone? It doesn't all have to sound like Mozart, because that would be pretty square, but new and original does not equate to your personal feelings about what happens when a cow explodes and gets guts all over the wall.

Don't write music that makes people regret having heard it. Angst angst angst is no longer acceptable in pop music, and i think its even less acceptable in modern art music. Modern art music should be more of the sublime, more of making a statement about something original and interesting, not "the worst sounds you can make with your instrument" volumes, 1 through 18.

Ok ramble ramble ramble... the good news is that i did hear a good handful of some cool music, stuff thats worthwhile, that inspires me to get better and so on. Some is a bit cheesy, but there is some good stuff, some especially which makes some of the other godawful assaults on the senses worth having sat through.

Another thing.. I was sitting in a masterclass this morning and the guy who ran it was talking about music being a universal language, but the challenge is that the composer needs to express something to the player, and the player needs to express the composer's intent along with adding some of his own artistic impressions to it. That is one aspect, but he was also mentioning that the audience really isn't passive, they are the deciding factor for whether something has been expressed or communicated properly. If the composer succeeded, and the performer succeeded, then the audience will have recieved some sort of impression about the piece, it will make them think about something. Half of the point is for the audience to have some sort of reaction to a piece, whether it is "wow this is great" or "wow this sucks" or "wow this makes me really hungry for cottage cheese", so on one level, all the really awful music has succeeded in one particular regard, and the stuff that has really failed is the stuff that rambles in circles and that is gone from my mind as soon as i hear it.

That would be the mature response to absorbing all this music, but at the same time, The Orb of the Sun, was just really awful.


Monday, February 13, 2006

They call me Dr. Worm.

Good morning, how are you, I'm Dr. Worm.

I'm interested in things.

I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real worm.

Kristy, ask and you shall recieve. I hope your trip and all its accoutrements are going well.

I can't stand this 1-11 shit on sunday. I just get a good solid 2 hours after everyone else has gone home to sit and think about how empty and stupid my life feels at the moment. Oh yea, and defend myself against legal action...

Someone lost the form, so i don't even know if it was one of the many accounts on which i've been negligent and slipshod. I almost hope so. I could revel in the stupidity of these people deciding that they have a punching bag, or they have a way to channel their own frustration about whatever. And i guess the loss of whatever figure it is... 50 grand? I just read Cam's single blog post, and i realize more and more that i'm an angsty little kid, using this as one form of out to vent some frustration, and wallow in depression, and almost cruelly ironically, that only makes me feel more depressed that i'm such a stereotype. And i'm so apathetic and uninteresting... i bore myself... maybe thats why i need to listen to music on the train and whatever all the time... cuz i can't stand myself. And god help me in groups of other people. Thats not entirely true, but i really bring so little personality to a group setting i almost wonder why people keep inviting me out... Boo hiss, whine whine, even trying to browbeat myself about what crap this is that i'm spewing doesn't make anything better.. gah, i'm going to bed. I thought for about a second and a half too long about drinking by myself tonight, but i just can't get on that stereotype bandwagon, plus i've never been able to get my head around it. I guess its not enough of an escapism thing for me as it is a social thing.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

It is late...

I have been the drinking.

Good times were had by all, finally introduced the school guys to the work buddies, they then wound up sitting on opposite ends of the enormously long table, and not getting to talk at all... whatever.

I don't have anything to say at the moment, this is just a post as a little easter egg of surprise for anyone who managed to find their way to this site and shall now be astounded by the fact that i put up another post.

I might put up more later, but i don't really like the concept of writing for an audience, at least not the sort of writing that i usually managed to ramble out.

Whatever, leave me a comment if you really desperately want to know more about my life lately, but otherwise i'm sure i'll see you at school/work.