Saturday, April 29, 2006

Holy shatmonkeys

Moving is a lot of work....

I'm almost done packing, tomorrow will be the big push day to get shit packed and loaded, then we move it all monday, then get loaded myself ;)

The reason I'm actually posting is because I probably won't have net access for a few days, so just thought I'd make mention. Also, if anyone is interested in helping move, and then drinking beer, gimme a call, we can make arrangements.

Housewarming/pool party to be announced. Expect it in the first week we're moved in, before I come back to work full time.

edit: Yea i shouldn't leave my address and all that up indefinitely, you all know how to get ahold of me. The housewarming will actually be next week. I'll let you all know at work.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hell days - 1 of 2 down

Two tests out of the way, one more to go, and Juries in the afternoon.

So get this. There was a take home portion of the orchestration test that i didn't know about since I was at a doctor appt on the last day of class. So I found out about this 8 bar excerpt I was meant to have arranged for full orchestra by that class, when i walked in. And so I slightly shat my pants. Luckily, he let me write it during the final... luckily... hmm... So basically I had 2.5 hours to write the entire regular test, which is no mean feat, and I'm sure I did terrible on it, and Then I had to arrange this whole excerpt, by hand. What a gong show... god I hope I passed that class. So all of today has been doing that, and then studying like mad for the history test which is at 8 am tomorrow... thats right, 0800 hours. Whoever arranged that can suck my balls. That is going to be one hell of a long 2 hours.

Finally after all that junk, I get to do what I'm really in school for, which is to play my instrument. I get to perform in an extremely high pressure situation for my final mark relating to performance for this year.... and then go home. And then go out to Sals and get drunk. And oh such drunkenness there will be.

Today and tomorrow are my demons, and by 2 o clock, I may actually fly to pieces as all the pressure is lifted off me, and there is nothing to actually hold me together. A lot of people have said, and I find this more and more true that the end of second year is a time to just get over with. This last semester has felt like running a fucking gauntlet, and now I can see the end... please don't let me falter before I escape...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Now noone thinks that I post anymore, noone comes to read this :D Success!!

So the school drama that I was going to post about is moot. I missed the in class written final for my musicianship class, but since the teacher is nice to some extreme fault, or has a crush on me and doesn't want me to fail, or something, she's letting me write it today. And i got 97.5 on my singing portion, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pass the class. And then I just need to get through 2 other in class finals and a Jury, and thats it. Done for the year. No more stress. No more fucking up and spending a week trying to catch up.

Then I can just spend the summer working, bitching about working, practicing, getting into shape, and playing shitloads of video games. Ahhh the summer...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fine, I'll post again...

Less than 3 weeks till the move...

Anyone who wants to help on May 1, with either vehicular transportation, or just helping carry stuff around and break the odd heirloom, shall be rewarded richly in beer.