Friday, September 08, 2006


Lets hear it for skateboards stopping suddenly, causing me to smash my head and other appendages into the middle of the road at high speed.

Really, its an underappreciated pastime... If more people knew about this wild and wacky way to completely ruin your evening, I really think more people would be doing it. Spread the word. If you're like most people, you probably have too much blood inside you anyway.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What the fuck is it about Lost in Translation.

I sit online.

I finish a couple bottles of quite nice wine.

I talk to my best friend on MSN.

I decide at 2 in the morning that its a good idea to put in Lost in Translation.

This is almost never a good idea. I don't know if its a kind of quiet desperation that overtakes me with watching this movie, but it makes me think about how sad and pathetic I am.

I mean, the whole premise is that they're both sad and pathetic and meeting up in a foreign country, presumably so that they both don't kill themselves, as the real tangible sexual tension is next to nothing. However...

There is an unbelievable connection.

I've rambled about this movie before... its so beautiful, and not only because i have a crazy crush on scarlett johansenn. She is amazing, but she doeesn't make the movie, and i realize this now.

The whole movie, the whole concept is incredible and I can't believe that it was made. Furthermore, i can't believe that I sit, drink entire bottles of wine, and watch this movie just to make myself more depressed. I guess this movie in conjunction with the Aristocrats would be the entire hollywood experience of Darryl. If you like both of these movies, you're in.