Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Halloween Rundown.

Ok, so I guess I went a little crazy, this halloween...

Party at the warehouse, which was amazing. These great DJs were spinning all kinds of mad stuff, I only remember hearing one song, and realizing partway in that they are mixing Metric... soooo cool.

Amanda and I went underwear shopping in the afternoon, then went back to Jim and AJ's to do some getting ready and pre-drinking, which went quite well. I think Raynna or Amanda has some sort of photo evidence of the 'before' situation so that you can see costumes - if I can get ahold of pics, I'll post them.

After that, we went downtown to Michaels, where we met up with the rest of the crew, and got ready some more, and drank some more at his place, until we all headed off to the Warehouse, to stand in line for like, 45 mins >.< Whaddaya do... its like that all the time - at least they didn't have to bust out a heatlamp to prevent people from getting hypothermia...

So we get inside, meet up with people, start drinking, its awesome :) Eventually Raynna finds me with some specific substances, and Cam finds me later that night (speaking of which, I still owe you for that and the cab) and so I then proceed to get absolutely fucked up. I don't remember anything real specific about the rest of the night, I think I was running all over the place like a crazy person, at some point I found a girl and we were dancing for most of the time, and apparently making out, so I'm told...

Eventually people are deciding to leave, and they manage to herd me outside somehow hehe.

Now for the next couple paragraphs, this could just be wild conjecture, because frankly, I don't remember anything for about the next hour or two...

I'm told that we went back to Michaels again, woke him up at like, 3 in the morning, were hanging out at his place for a while, and I was nuttier than a fruitcake... Something about molesting his furniture and pillows... and then washed off my makeup and wound up sitting in the middle of his floor in some strange position... I really don't know.

Somehow they eventually got me and Cam and Sabrina in a cab and we went back to his place where we met up with Cait and Rene, and apparently Cait gave me 2 and a half more pills between then and 9:30, and we basically sat up talking and cuddling all night. Then they dropped me off at home, and I managed to get some sleep between like, 10:30 and 5 ish, then woke up and started trying to contact people to find out what was going on in the times that I can't recall heh.

Anyway, one HELL of a party, that was the best time I don't completely remember in a long time :)


Blogger rebelbarbie said...

jebus. makes my halloween sound like a fucking kindergarten party and there was a girl walking around with fucking REAL AXE at the party i went to.

glad you had fun, but watch it with that specific substance shit. don't wanna see you turning into an e-tard.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

haha dry humper!! you will never live it down!

12:43 PM  

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